Friday, May 6, 2016

The Transgender Differential - Guest Post

Guest Post today by Caitlin.  

In the spirit of your recent posts entitled, "The Feminine Differential" I would like you to consider the following:

The key point of the Republican Party's plank is that without this law a man can claim exemption from statutes that outlaw the presence of a man in a Ladies room, by claiming that he "all of sudden felt he identified as a woman."   He can therefore justify his presence in the Ladies Room where he can lay in wait for an unsuspecting woman to be caught in a compromising position.  If he is apprehended, he merely claims that he is "transgender" or he became transgender this afternoon.

Jeff Foxworthy (Redneck Fashion Tips) has made a career out of defining "You know you are a red neck if....." and in a similar vein those of us who ARE transgender know that it is pretty easy to know if someone is truly transgender.  
Let's summarize some of the key characteristics of MtF trans folk:

  • WE see a girl wearing a pretty dress going into Starbucks and they think, "wow.  I wish I looked like her!"
  • WE have a black-book of friends, almost all of whom are trans.
  • WE have been to at least one transgender convention, gathering, or support group
  • WE have more than a hundred photos of themselves going back to some taken by Mathew Brady...or maybe Mathew Brady's grandson.
  • WE have a wardrobe of women's clothes that rivals many spouses.  Their spouse sometimes borrows from their husband's wardrobe and vice versa. 
  • We have a plastic surgeon on speed dial and you know what FFS is.
  • WE can walk into a room and know what every woman is wearing in a matter of minutes.  And they will know who is wearing the cutest shoes in less than 60 seconds.
  • WE own multiple shaping prosthesis and have have a veritable collection of Spanx and foam pads, easily filling a wardrobe drawer.
  • WE know what "It Stays" is and they know what it is for.
  • WE know their panty and bra size.  They know their dress size because they know their measurements and they know that different suppliers use different sizing.
  • WE know their ring size for all ten fingers.
  • WE personally know at least one makeup artist.
  • WE have a collection of wigs that is monumental in size and diversity and absolutely uniform in being the wrong wig for you.(Unless lucky enough to have our own hair)
  • We are told that we are acting feminine and we take it as a complement.
  • We hear someone behind you call out "miss", and you instintively turn around.
  • WE own many more feminine products items then masculine.
  • We wear one pair of shoes to drive in, and have another pair for when you reach your destination.

Have fun adding to the list.



  1. All excellent points. I really wish that there were no need for activists on any side of this issue to have gotten legislatures involved. I do not think we can legislate morality...let alone common sense or common decency.
    I do not get out that often but when I have over the years (going back to the age of the Carter administration) I have never had a bathroom issue and I wonder how many of us really have. Rhonda gets out as often as anyone and I have not hear her, or anyone else, claim that they had an issue using a bathroom of their presentation. For most folks a bathroom is to deal with a necessity.
    If someone is in a bathroom, of either gender, for ill purposes there already are laws that deal with loitering, etc.

  2. HI Pat,

    You are so right - This was a bad solution looking for a non-existent problem.

    Thanks for the comment