Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

My Mother and Grandmother               Mother and Myself


Over the last two years of travel I have had the special treat of meeting people and connecting.  Several have been former work mates that have moved, several have been friends that I have became acquainted through the blog and several have been chance meetings.  All very special memories. Many of you know just who you are and thank you for being my friends.  

My  mother never met a stranger and I watched her work her magic many times on perfect strangers that became lifelong friends.  When my mother was going through the worst of chemo, she reached out for help to just such a couple she met.  He was the pharmacist for the US Senate in Washington DC.  With the help of our senator (a family friend) and a Senate voice proclamation, he provided special experimental drugs that did help.   This was the late 50’s and things were not so complicated.

I learned from the best.  Rhonda is more outgoing than her “other self” - It is a matter of permission and in a way paying tribute to my mother. Being the daughter she never knew she had.  Mom, I hope you would be pleased with the way she turned out.

If you still have your mother you are fortunate.  Take the time to tell her you love her and spend the day.   Learn about what kind of a kid she perceived you to be.  Hear family history. Allow her to tell you stories.   When she is gone so will all that history be gone.   Enjoy your mother this Sunday.   I miss my mother and grandmother - gone way to soon.    

Are there any special notes or tributes you would like to post about you mother?  Please comment.    

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers, past, present and future. In many churches and in various customs, wearing a red rose or carnation symbolized the fact that your mother was still living. Wearing a white rose or carnation signified that your mother passed away.

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