Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good Girls Get To.....

I have always loved travel.  Much of my business career has involved travel.  I authored several software packages that received widespread distribution and had the immense pleasure of working with my customers that became friends.  Many times those of us that write software packages feel we are the experts and customers must adapt to our product.  That is not true.  I became successful listening to my customers and developing/enhancing around their needs.  Whenever the opportunity arrived, I would install, train, listen and enhance my product based on customer interactions.  A lesson well learned.

I still work as a freelance software engineer and trainer.  Still doing what I enjoyed most back then – customer interaction.  This effort means I get to travel and will write of my adventures as they occur.  Last October I was in Portland Oregon and had a wonderful weekend seeing and meeting new friends.  Likewise, I was in Las Angles last summer and had an equally good time shopping, attending plays, and dinners with a new friend.  Dallas a few weeks ago was my last trip. 
Stay tuned to my Sunday blog posts.  I will post my travel plans there if any.  If I have a trip coming up and someone would like to have coffee, a glass of wine or dinner let me know. Being freelance, my travel scheduling is flexible. I just need to plan ahead.

I so look forward to meeting new friends.  We are an interesting lot.  We share many interesting common stories.  Maybe we were all separated at birth; therefore “sis”, lets share.  
In the meantime, enjoy my travel adventures.  I travel uneventfully as Rhonda, almost all the time.  You too can escape and have adventures.   Share them and I will post on "Friend’s Friday".  Please commentI hope to hear from you and meet soon.

If you have not already read my story from the 80's about traveling as Rhonda, I re-posted it yesterday - "Trying The Door" . I have also added links that easily allow you to get to the other parts, 1-4.

Good girls get to go the heaven.
Bad girls get to go everywhere.  


  1. Please post information about flying en-femme today. Each time one of us has problems, we need to report it to the world - especially the appropriate authorities for redress. If we don't have problems, we must report it - to encourage others to travel in their true gender identity.

    Kim used to travel all the time while en-femme, and report about it. Now, she's unable to do so - for reasons both personal and related to the political climate (especially where she lives). Hopefully, others will take up the mantle and help the rest of us exercise our rights to travel as the people we are, and not how some bigots would want us to be.....