Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Feminine Differential - Vanity Fair

It is very hard to discuss the Feminine  Differential without talking about the most private of all lingerie; the panty.  Yes, endless array of colors, huge variety of styles and so many different fabrics.  One of my Sunday's Funnies had someone "admitting to wearing 'Woman's Underwear" and from the reviews published at the Macy's web site there are plenty of takers or should I say admitters.  I first published this thought back in September and have noticed that since, there have been other men adding their reviews.  

OK, I admit to loving this style also.  It is ever so comfortable and feels delightful.  The reviews are right-on!  One man's comment that I did not clip, stated "Superb fit and feel. The Illumination styles from VF are nice, but 'Body Caress' has a softer and silkier feel."

At the  Plentyoffish dating site someone ask the question "What the heck is up with men wearing women's underwear?"
As for why men wear panties, well there are a few reasons. The way they fit and feel is a biggy. The wide array of fabrics aren't commonly found in the men's underwear department either. Believe it or not, men of all types and personalities like to feel sexy too - and panties definitely provide that feeling.
OK - So what is your favorite brand/style/fabric?  Come on, admit it!
Was this the first item of woman's clothing you tried on?  What u
nderwear do you wear every day?  Please share your story.....  Thanks

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