Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Window Shopping

Highland Park Village - Dallas Texas

Growing up in Virginia my grandparents owned a general store.  My grandfather opened up at 6:00am to sell to the farmers, bailing twine, plow points, hay and feed.  The rest of the day was groceries.   That was a six day routine and they valued their Sundays.  Always church first on Sunday. I would go between my Grandmother’s Methodist Church and my Grandfather’s Baptist Church; the only two in town.  Although not religious now, I have fond memories of the break in routine.  After church my grandmother prepared the meal of the week where we all sat down together. 

After the Sunday dinner (noon meal) we would be off to visit either my Grandfather’s brothers, or my grandmother's, nieces.  On our return, either trip would lead through “Town”.  Not our little village but the place that had real stoplights and a two block downtown with stores.  On Sunday all store were closed but that did not preclude “Window Shopping”.

There were several woman's clothing stores,  a shoe store, a five and dime, a jewelry store, an appliance store  and a hardware store.  My favorites were the shoe store and ladies stores or as we know them now boutiques. They had concave fronts, u-shaped, to maximize the displays with manikins to display the seasons best.  The shoe store had one side dedicated  to men's and the other side for women's heels and flats.  My favorite side - no supersize there.

We never rushed as my grandparents savored the break in routine and enjoyed the faux-shopping.  

Side note:  I was back about 15 years ago and the downtown as I remembered, was gone.   None of the old stores are there - Not even replacements.  Walmart came to town. One main street drug store, several doctor's offices and a boutique coffee shop was all that remained. 

Just the other morning as I was leaving Dallas on my drive to a client, I stopped by Highland Park Village.  My mission was Starbucks, but I remember my treasured time window shopping.  With a few minutes to spare and the stores closed, I walking and looked.   This is so different from a mall and the stores went out their way to showcase their merchandise.    Draw you in with the window  displays.


If you look closely in some of the photos you can make out my ghost reflection.  There are other photos that I will save for another post and a pair of shoes you will not believe.  Enjoy the photos and know that window shopping is something you can do anytime.  A great escape option and a confidence builder.    

Give us your window shopping story.


  1. As a native of Dallas, I fondly remember those days of window shopping with the family back in the 50's and early 60's. As for the smalltown experience, I am currently living in Red River county caring for my Mom, where the county seat of Clarksville sounds exactly like your experience. Except the Walmart closed down here. The town has really died now. I am SO ready to move away from here. Best, JDM

  2. Thanks for the comment Julia.

    Yes simpler times - Love your 10-2-4 Dr Pepper Icon.