Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dress Jacket

One of the ladies in my new office dresses very professionally every day. The office is not over the top in styles and some days she is over-dressed, especially on casual Friday's. My style is to be observant and to dress at of just above the norm. Showing up your boss or the executive director is not going to win friends or respect.  

There is one item I see her wear regularly that is worth emulating; a well styled professional jacket. This works  especially well in the business meeting that are out of the office or any meeting with a potential donor for lunch. 

I went today to my local court house to pay for a traffic violation (another story for later) and stopped in at my local Macy's on the way home. The above  "Lauren Ralph Lauren - Striped Knit Blazer" fit well and would look great with any of the above items.  It is a maybe purchase.  I was even thinking it would be great with a LBD. I believe the jacket is part on this spring's ('19) collection so not on sale yet. What do you think - Feminine and dressy? 


  1. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see you in this.

  2. Classy as always. I love the striking contrast of white and black but more recently ask myself if I should not look to colour and patterns for more femininity? Love Linda