Friday, March 15, 2019

Friend's Friday - A Museum Reunion

The Norton Museum of Art - Reunion Group

Last Friday evening a group got together at the newly opened / redone Norton Museum of Art here in West Palm Beach. I worked there for about three years and we called our evening, a "Reunion". It was so much fun seeing people I had not seen in years. 

Working at the Norton was Rhonda's second job and was my first interaction in a large non-profit; daily interaction public/visitors and co-workers. I handled all accounting for the incoming donation and membership processing. It was mostly database work however occasionally I would meet with members.  Also we had weekly evening events where I assisted and worked at our annual black-tie / evening gown, Art Ball; an elegant evening. 

I came away from my employment there with several close friends.  We have made the effort to stay in touch and regularly have lunches and dinners. This evening's  "reunion" was posted on Facebook and we spent the evening together remembering the good times we had working together. We were greeted with hugs by several that are sill employed.  

Glenn Tomlinson, the William Randolph Hearst curator of education at the Norton is someone I knew well when I worked there, and was quoted talking about the grand opening in the Palm Beach Post:  

On top of the renovations, I am excited for new and revamped programs the museum offers. Art After Dark, the program which brings speakers, artists and films to the museum, was moved to Friday nights, extending the museum’s normal closing time of 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. In addition, there are more events geared toward families such as celebrating the Chinese New Year and Black History Family Day.
Tomlinson, who has been with the museum for nearly two decades, said "it’s incredible to share the new space and art with visitors".

The remodel (almost complete rebuild) is stunning.  Invest 100 million and this is what you get!  The new entrance is build around a large Florida banyan tree with contemporary art, (typing eraser) set in a reflecting pool. There is new art and old pieces I remember from wondering around while I worked there. 

The collections include American, Chinese, Contemporary, European, and Photography.  All of which were well curated when I was there and are expanded. Some of my favorite moment there were the morning of the opening of a new exhibit. All of the employees would get an "insiders" tour given by the curator.    

Thanks everyone for including me in the Reunion evening. I will go back soon to just look and marvel. 


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  1. We have a giant typewriter eraser in our sculpture park in Seattle. I find it amusing that so many Millennials have to be told what it is. I've wanted to organize a group of trans people to pose in front of it for a "Don't Erase Us" photo, and Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31st may be a good day to do it.