Thursday, June 4, 2020

Father's Day Is Coming...

Creating Go-To Summer Looks With Pieces From Walmart

Angela, Deputy Editor

Angela has a talent for making basic pieces look ultra-luxe, and a hat is her pi├Ęce de resistance. “The resurgence of berets, buckets and wide-brim styles is very exciting for me,” she admits. “I love that, no matter how simple an outfit might be, a carefully chosen hat can transform it and make it feel special.”  While she’s not afraid of bold prints, she never overdoes it, maintaining an almost movie-star elegance.

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m a huge rom-com fan and have been looking for ways to recreate my favorite looks,” she says. “So, when I came across this ruffled-cuffed midi version, I knew I was gonna have to take the look all the way.” That entailed pairing it with a wicker crossbody bag and rose gold sandals. Sticking to a neutral palate further elevates this easy ensemble. "I’m all about an outfit appearing to be more high-maintenance than it actually is,” says Angela. “The best part about this look is that it does all the work. Just add a swipe of red lipstick and a smile.”


OK Walmart, don't get you panties in a bunch. I did takes some Photoshop liberties with your ad.  However, I do think this dress would make a great "Father's Day" gift.  

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