Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I Love A Success Story - Thank you Aimee

Aimee Stephens, before her death, shared the following when discussing a possible ruling in her favor by the SCOTUS: 

“Firing me because I’m transgender was discrimination, plain and simple, and I am glad the Court recognized that what happened to me is wrong and illegal. I am thankful that the Court said my transgender siblings and I have a place in our laws—it made me feel safer and more included in society.”  

James Esseks, Director of the ACLU’s LGBTQ & HIV Project had the following response: "We celebrate this victory as the Supreme Court ruled employers cannot discriminate against LGBTQ people. This ruling moves our country forward and affirms legal protections in the workplace, housing, and health care – but, as Aimee Stephens always advocated for, we still have work to do... Congress must affirm today’s decision and update our laws to ensure comprehensive and explicit protections for LGBTQ people and all people who face discrimination.” 


I want to thank Aimee for her bravery and standing up for us all. Let's all now commit to honor our hero, by voting this coming fall to honor Aimee's memory by making sure that congress, and the next president know that discrimination is wrong and now illegal. 


  1. Where I wish that the ruling came earlier in my life, I am so happy that the younger generation now has a better chance at living as their true selves.

  2. CJ Roberts had Neil Gorsuch write the majority opinion.
    The three dissents were based on the separation of powers guidelines in the Constitution and felt that this should have been a legislative undertaking not something done by the courts. Either way it turns out the same but I always like to see the laws made by elective representatives.

  3. Well stated Rhonda! Thank You!
    Hugs!! Christie