Friday, December 11, 2020

Holiday Party 2020


This is a fashion layout from some time ago. This year's holiday parties are going to be few.  In fact the only outing I have scheduled is my Mercedes club luncheon event this coming weekend.  We has scaled down the event from its typical country clue event to a semi-outdoor waterside restaurant.  We have limited the attendance to about one-third of last year. 

There is really no need for a shopping trip for this event.  Dresses I have "a-many" and justification is just not there.  So I will select something red (a girl need to stand out sometimes) and go from there.  

If you are in need of a holiday dress, Ralph Lauren jersey knit dresses always fit well and keep their style from year-to-year. My preference is the pull on style in petite which eliminates the back zipper. I am just not as flexible reaching behind my back as before.   

My only Black Friday / Cyber-Monday concession was with Cole Haan.  75% off "Go-To Stiletto Pump", 3" heel in Mahogany Rose Leather. Cole Haan is one of the perfect-fit heels that I grab when I know I will be on my feet or walking any distance. Can you have too many nude heels?   


Do you have any parties this season? If nothing else, get dressed in a beautiful outfit, open a good bottle of wine/soda, cook something nice and watch a Netflix romantic movie/series.


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