Monday, December 21, 2020

Uncle Carl

 Instinct Magazine:

I just discovered your song “Uncle Carl Came Out On Christmas.” What a perfect balance of catchy melody, pitch perfect vocals, and lyrics that land with authenticity. What inspired the song?

Aaron LaCombe: Thank you very much! A couple of years ago I was invited to participate in a Christmas Songwriting Contest. I maybe take myself a little too seriously as a songwriter, so the idea of writing a Christmas song just seemed cliche’ to me and I wanted to sort of see if there was a way to make it catch people off guard. 

I took cues from some experiences some close friends and family have had, and once I got started I found myself on a tightrope of making it a little bit funny, a little sad, and a little sweet.  It came in dead last at the contest, which is when I started to think I might really have something.



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