Thursday, December 3, 2020

Men Are From Venus


Venus Asymmetrical (One Shoulder Grommet Top)

The title above was used several weeks ago at another blog. It is cute and described perfectly my obsession with the Venus clothing catalog.  It is a Florida online store with maybe an outlet in Jacksonville.  When one of their prolific catalogs arrives, they are such fun to browse. It brings back my wonderful memories of studying the Sears Catalog in my youth. 

Which brings up a question in my mind:  Let's face it, the models are young and beautiful. So am I desiring the fashions or deep in my heart do I want to look like / "be" the model? 

Marlon Brando in "On The Water Front" lamented, "I coulda been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead ...". Who of us has not felt the same sadness at some point.

To my regret, it is becoming more difficult each day to create an image that is in my head. There are traces sometimes. However, I am sure it is delusional to pretend about youth/beauty. Please understand, I am not depressed and have lived a wonderful full life. I receive acceptance and have done my best to be an ambassador for our  transgender community. My glass is always over half full and even runs over at times; as it does today.   

Which bring me back to the Venus catalog. 

Several weeks ago I discussed the asymmetrical neckline and how it is a feminine differential.  Last week the top above was on sale at Venus (One Shoulder Grommet Top) and even at its regular price, $34.00*, it is cute and a "youthful - give me a try look".  The gray color works with my hair and pairing it with white tights/jeans will make a good combination. I have found the off-the-shoulder neckline works for me, even its one-shoulder derivation.

*27.99 today (12/3/2020) and a shipping deal. 





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