Monday, August 15, 2022

Cruise Wear '22

I am on vacation August 13 through 21; eight days. Yes on a cruise again!  This time a little smaller ship and to ports in the Eastern Caribbean; Puerto  Rico, ST. Maarten, Tortola and the near home destination Bahamas. Post next week may be a little spotty and I am sure you can use a break from my politics. 

Below are two fashion layouts that I have the actual outfits to wear. Photos will be posted in coming weeks - Stay tuned.  I may have gone a little overboard (pun intended) on Lilly, but, if not now, when will I wear it?

.   .  

Boston Proper - Love the Retro Look. 


Celebrity Equinox


  1. Enjoy your escape! Rest and have fun!

  2. Have a wonderful time! Love the outfits.

  3. Love your choices!
    - J

  4. Enjoy your cruise!

    I've been to some of those ports myself, and had a good time.

  5. Hope you chose a cruise line that pays their fuel bills...Have fun!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your photos

  7. This is refreshing. I feared your politics had overwhelmed you. Boston Proper cruisewear with a retro vibe. You will look fab. You feature Boston Proper on your blog occasionally and Stana loves Boston Proper on her blog. I finally bought two pieces from them. Really nice! Accurate fit and seems well made.