Tuesday, August 23, 2022

"Topper" - Celebrity Equinox Show


My Photos from the Celebrity Equinox Show, "Topper"

Enter the interesting world of Sir Stuart Peabody, his giant hat, and his collection of eccentric friends. The award-winning show brings you into their world of quirky adventures.  

This Evening Outfit

This was a Broadway caliber show provided on my cruise.  It's overall theme was to let the characters inside Sir Stuart Peabody "hat" / head live; be seen and display their amazing talents.  

Incredible music, dancing costumes and ever aerial acrobatics. I believe, although not sure, that the chorus and dance ensemble had transgender characters.  

Celebrity  Cruises are gay / transgender friendly and at no time was I in any way uncomfortable.  

At the end Sir Stuart Peabody Key had unlocked to the world an array of  characters to live; be visible.  A Beautiful "ESCAPE" where the world is a better place and diversity rules. (My take on the theme.)

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