Wednesday, March 22, 2023

That 'Blogger's Law in Florida

Republicans couldn't find a better sponsor for this swill?

Political bloggers who don't register would accrue Florida fines...
*Frank Cerabino Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach Post March 9, 2023

If you’re a political blogger in Florida, look out. You may be next.

It’s hard to keep up with the forays into authoritarian dystopia going on here in the “free state of Florida.” But I’ve found that a good rule of thumb is to allow that anything is possible.

So, I wasn’t completely surprised by a new proposed state law that would require bloggers to register with the state if they write anything about Gov. Ron DeSantis, his cabinet or his Republican-controlled state legislature.

Sure, it’s cartoonishly anti-American but DeSantis has already made it known he wants to find new ways to muzzle any disobedient voices in the media.

“We’ve seen over the last generation legacy media outlets increasingly divorce themselves from the truth and instead try to elevate preferred narratives and partisan activism over reporting the facts,” DeSantis said last month as a way to chum the waters.

So, why not start at the fringes by going after the ones least able to defend themselves, the bloggers? Put on your pants and come out of your bedroom. They’re comin’ for you, fellas.

Not surprising. That’s what bullies do. But it is shocking to see just how ham-handed this effort is.

Maybe that's why after a week of blistering bad press over the bill, DeSantis backed away from it on Tuesday, saying that he doesn't support it.

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The attack on bloggers is buried in an otherwise innocuous bill that makes some cosmetic changes to the timing and frequency of the printed public notices that are required for government agencies to make about sales of land.

That goes on for nearly the first five pages of the nine-page, Senate Bill 1316 bill. Then, surprise, surprise! The rest of the bill is devoted to creating an unrelated mechanism for the state registration of bloggers. 

Political bloggers who don't register would accrue Florida fines...

At the risk of setting myself up for future registration requirements with Florida's goon squad, I’m asking very reverentially if there’s some secret contest you’re all having to see who can demonstrate the least respect for the intelligence of Floridians.

^Frank Cerabino is a columnist at The Palm Beach Post, part of the USA TODAY Florida Network. You can reach him at fcerabino@gannett.com.


  1. Its interesting and a bit discouraging to it reflects the priorities of Floridians to bully and stifle dissent, or any non-approved speech for that matter. I might have thought that rising sea levels, skyrocketing property insurance costs and murder rates (among other real world issues) would merit higher priority.

  2. I found this tidbit of news interesting. I am wondering if DeSantis and his political followers realize they are they are talking among themselves and none of this will appeal on the national level. There are serious issues in Florida that are not being addressed. He has no program to deal with national issues. I am looking forward to that mass of sea weed headed for the shores of Florida. Who will he blame for that?

  3. I agree with what everything that has been said....but the far left has attempted to stifle freedom of speech as well. Politicians and the press alike. Both sides are taking this way too far. Government needs to step aside and let people live as they want. Stay out of our personal lives. We need to win over the hearts of people through love...not by laws or other methods. That does not change their minds....like Rhonda says..visibility! Show them who we really are. Not the bad optics of a few they keep showing.

    1. Waiting with 'baited breath' while you demonstrate cases of suppression of speech by any 'left leaning' 'anybody' --much less those who are in power in the government.
      Accusers with their accusations must also carry 'the burden of proof'.
      People will be persuaded through truthful, reasoned discussion.
      So far, your commentary would rate a D minus in grade school.

      Check out. ''The rules of Clear and Critical Thinking.
      Learn how to think.
      Not what to think.