Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Joy Of Dressing For Yourself

Getting dressed for something as simple as grocery shopping gives me pleasure. The art of arranging clothing and accessories in a way that pleases us is communicating without words.

By Susan Street

Susan Street
My Note: Susan is a cis woman of incredible taste and beauty. She is a friend and I hincredibleave a link to her fashion / lifestyle blog in my favorites list. Susan has hit the point for us in our presentation justification; "The joy of being yourself".  

Susan continues: 

This look is fun, modern, and appropriate for my age. I found inspiration for wearing these pieces in this combo on Pinterest. I often save images from Instagram or Pinterest when I like how things are worn, and I know I have something similar. Sometimes you can breathe new life into a garment you’ve had for years simply by wearing it differently. Inspiration is free!

When I was a child, everything was decided for me. My mother purchased or made my clothes without my input and told me what to wear until I was a teen. I remember watching old movies and the women around me that I admired. My primary life goals included wearing red lipstick and high heels!

Dressing for yourself means wearing what pleases you and makes you feel like the best version of yourself. I don’t care one whit if I am the most dressed up woman in the restaurant. I consider it a badge of honor to wear what makes me happy and get dressed to please myself daily. 

WOW! Thank you Susan!
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  1. " My primary life goals included wearing red lipstick and high heels!" Me too except I was AMAB lol