Friday, March 31, 2023

Transgender Day of Visibility

 ESCAPE Today - Be Visible!

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Gender Equality Month

Commemorated every March, Gender Equality Month brings awareness to gender biases and challenges. Historically, gender inequality has been framed as a binary, but gender inequalities have effects across the gender spectrum. Gender Equality Month is an opportunity to notice and strategize on continued disruption of gender bias, discrimination, and inequity within personal views, laws, policies, institutions, and communities. Today, gender inequalities exist within career and compensation opportunities, particularly in technology, science, and financial industries; in marriage laws; and in healthcare. They also contribute to gender-based violence.   

International Transgender Day of Visibility

As we recognize Gender Equality Month, we also uplift International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) on March 31. TDoV celebrates the contributions of the trans community and promotes the rights of individuals to live as their authentic selves every day in any space. While we have made progress, there is still a battle for transgender people to feel safe, included, free of discrimination, and free of violence. Violence against transgender individuals has risen, especially against transgender Black women.


My local LGBTQ center held a businesss meetup last week. I was invited to attend and was pleased to be a part of this Palm Beach pre-Pride event. Today being Transgender Day of Visibility there are events planned there; I will keep you posted. Here is a brief description of the Compass Center.

Compass is one of the largest gay and lesbian community center in Florida and the Southeast United States and one of the largest and most respected of its kind in the nation. More than 25,000 people utilize its 14,000 square foot facility, and more than 17,000 referrals are fielded by more than 12,000 volunteer hours graciously contributed by hundreds of community-centered individuals each year.

The Compass Center is where I started Palm Beach County's first transgender support group in 1996. I am so proud that this support group continues under the leadership of Michael Riordan, Compass' Director of Communications.  I am sure many over the years have been helped.  

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