Thursday, April 6, 2023

Hello Boys - The Bra That Made History


How The Wonderbra caused a global fever and won the bra wars

1994 Wonderbra Ad
Wonderbra’s Hello Boys campaign from 1994 is considered one of the most iconic ads of all time. But it almost didn’t happen – until Eva Herzigová walked into the room.

MarketingWeek:  By Ellen Hammett  14 May 2020

It’s 1994, and Wonderbra is on the verge of canning a campaign that would go on to become one of the most iconic ads of all time.

The battle for the Great British cleavage is raging and there are two main protagonists: the Playtex-owned Wonderbra and its arch rival the Gossard Ultrabra. Gossard is considered the much sexier brand and Wonderbra is in danger of being seen as ‘old hat’.

Model Eva Herzigova says
her iconic Hello Boys Wonderbra
ad didn't 'degrade women'
 but left them 'empowered' instead

When Eva Herzigová walks into the room and Wonderbra is about to become very famous.

“[‘Hello Boys’] was the catalyst to everything,” says Playtex’s then sales director, Ken Campbell.

“You can have good product, but it’s always about getting product to the consumer, how a consumer finds your product and engages with it. We had a vision of how we could take a style and make it into a global phenomenon brand.”


I had one - Did you?

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