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I know a lot of men who find high heels on women very attractive. But there are also men who enjoy wearing stiletto heels. The only problem, this is still pretty taboo. So, these men usually only wear their stilettos in the privacy of their own home or at closed private gatherings.  But what would happen if this changed and men started wearing stiletto heels to work?

Thirty-year-old Ashley Maxwell-Lam is one such man who likes to wear stiletto heels, and yes, also to work.  He is currently working for an insurance company where wearing a suit to work is the norm. And he does wear a suit, but 2 or 3 times a week he trades in his brogues for a pair of high heels. In the video below Ashley tells his story. Prefer to read? Then keep scrolling.

He’s a corporate man in a corporate world. But Ashley Maxwell-Lam has found something a little different to help his confidence reach greater height. https://twitter.com/i/status/972037155978559489

Why Heels?

Up to about a year ago, Ashley had never worn heels.  One day he was having a chat with a female colleague and she told him how wearing heels can make a person feel self-confident and empowered. This piqued his interested and he went to a shoe shop to try a pair of heels on.

Meet the Australian Businessman
who wears high heels to work every day.

When wearing the heels, he had the same feeling as his female colleague. He describes feeling comfortable, invincible, powerful and in control. Within a month he spoke to his employer and explained that he decided to wear heels to work. He didn’t ask permission, he simply stated that he would be wearing high heels. This sounds very determined and headstrong, but Ashley says it was a difficult conversation to have. Luckily his manager was fine about it and said it was no problem.

The Environment

His decision to wear heels and inform his manager was courageous but he still had to deal with reactions from other people in his environment. And that went well too! His colleagues were immediately enthusiastic and found it pretty cool.  In an interview, Ashely says he received the most criticism from the gay community.  That surprised him but he doesn’t let it get to him.  He says he is happy being a man but finds it ridiculous that in society it is only acceptable for women to wear high heels.  When people ask why he is wearing them he answers: ‘Why not?’. 

As far as I’m concerned, he is quite right. It is a bit different, a bit out there. But why not wear high heels to work when they make you feel strong, powerful and confident. Isn’t that the feeling we are all looking for?


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