Monday, April 3, 2023

Feminin Differential - Wind Therapy

The Quest For The Perfect Riding Boot... 

I am still enjoying my two-wheel pleasure riding. Two years on this bike and about 2800 miles. As I ride north on our beautiful beach access roads, I typically include a stop at my local Treasure Coast (Stuart) Harley store. Many Saturdays and Sundays they have free hotdogs, beer, soft drinks and music. Great marketing. In attendance most weekend days are a good collection of "old" Harley enthusiasts; a cult to themselves.  

Harley-Davidson 2023 Sportster S

A few week back I enticed one of the floor salesman into letting me take a test ride on their new 2023 Sportster S.  

The Sportster is veiled ever so carefully as a "girl's bike". It is their entry level bike, has a lower seat, and is "lightweight" by comparison; a clever marketing pitch. Did I like it? 

Yes, but I did not love it. After about a three mile circle on main and back streets, although fun and modern, something did not feel right for me. It is a much lesser bike than my currently (non-entry level) 14 year old VROD ride. 

Selfie - The Bike in background had
 just pulled in with a woman rider.
Great color combination


There is one other observation on this new bike. it is ungodly powerful; 121 HP. It has the Revolution engine (1,252 cc V-twin) originally designed by Porsche and Harley together; water cooled, variable valve timing, and more torque than almost all other Harleys. As an entry level bike it could be scary for a new / inexperienced riders. It is much more bike than it appear and dangerously deceptive in its nature.   


Just this past weekend I rode up wearing the above top (Women's Throttle Lace-up Tee) and generic skinny jeans. On sale were the Woman's Corrington Boots shown. My foot pegs/floorboards required a little adjusting for the heels but the fit / ride works.  I love the feminine differential.   

One online reviewer described the boots like this:

Trying on a White
Scoop-neck T-Shirt
Maybe a little too tight? 

A rebellious style for the modern female rider. The Corrington Boot is sure to impress. The balance of full grain leather and nylon make this style breathable and lightweight. The 2.75" rubber heel provides the perfect feminine touch while still being ideal for any adventure.


Do I get looks when I ride in? Of course. However, with my now long pony tail, I am way and above more stylish than many of the other "girl" riders. I love combining passions; escapes with style / fashion and "Wind Therapy". Life is good!