Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The Midi Dress - An Evening Out


Macy's - Flutter-Sleeve Midi Dress

"A midi-dress or midi-skirt is where the hem ends halfway between the knee and ankle. Traditionally speaking a midi-dress ends mid-calf." Read midi-dress styling tips at STYLISHLY ME. 

A dress or skirt that falls below my knee is not my favorite look. Short skirts or pants, I think, are more flattering.  However, sometimes a look catches me so, why not. There is no question about the feminine differential of a dress and I should wear one more often. There are certainly more online, in catalogs and in the stores than I see in the wild. Is the dress an endangered look?  

One endearing memory of both my grandmother and mother is their shopping and wearing a "New" dress to church on Easter Sunday. They would start weeks in advance and back then there had to be a matching hat.     

At The Palm Beach Colony -  Cait and Tula 
Stay tuned for Tula's Polo look.

The photo above and the new dress "Macy's - Flutter-Sleeve Midi Dress" was not an Easter purchase for church, but rather an evening out in Palm Beach, dress.

Cait and I started our Thursday outing at our regular haunt, the "Palm Beach Colony".  A good crowd was there for the evening including several new friends that were in town for the "Gay Polo Weekend". (More on that later)  We hang out at The Colony talking to friends and having "before dinner wine / cocktails".  I guess by now we are regulars at the Thursday evening meetup.

After cocktails, we took a short walk down Worth Avenue to "Cafe Flora". The tables are all outside under umbrellas, in a beautiful courtyard surrounded on all sides by boutiques. The weather was heavenly so not even a wrap was needed. A beautiful Palm Beach spring evening. 

Cait and I got a big laugh as we notice driving in, we were both wearing the same color "cobalt blue" midi style dresses; oh well.  Cait lamented "When do I ever see you in midi-dress and tonight had to be the night?

Cait at the entrance to the "Colony Hotel"
A designated Historical Landmark.




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