Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Out-Of-Date Hair Styles

Lady Di's updated hair

Trends are fun to follow when they concern elements you can switch up easily—think wardrobe and makeup (blue eye shadow). But when it comes to your hair, few of us want to embrace a bold new look every season just to stay one step ahead of the sartorial game. Yet holding on an old style / wig too long can make you look old or just "out of it".   

The big hair of the 70s-80s, although super feminine, now looks dated. Not to mention required a lot of maintenance. I kept my wig on a stand at home and if a trip was required, I worried what the damage the travel case would inflict.  Wig maintenance was a must.   

Do keep in mind that styles change.  Yes there are enduring styles, that will always be in vogue, day to night, and season to season.  Although Western society typically associates beauty with long hair, the short-haired pixie cut challenged this notion in the 1960s.  Twiggy started it all off, and then Princess Diana and Demi Moore ruled this look in the 1990s. It’s now one of the most iconic looks of all time.  Still around.

Photo of a A favorite Style


However, like the photos of me above from the early 80's, styles do change.  It does not matter if you are wearing a wig or are blessed with natural hair.  Find photos on-line you like and take then to your stylist.  Say nothing and you will get the same style over-and -over. 

Scarf Scrunchies
As my hair has been growing, now way below my shoulders in the back, I am constantly looking for a look that is modern and will not make me look old. Gray hair can do that. I do love my silver hair and get many complements, especially from women. 

The photo in my banner is from last fall and my hair has grown longer. On most days I do not go to a lot of trouble and love the casual high pony-tail look.  I now understand why so many women love to keep their hair long; tying it up, put in a scrunchie is easy and natural.  Hair Scarf Scrunchie can be added for just the right feminine touch.  

Hair is becoming my favorite feminine differential.  




  1. Love your hair. I have had long hair since my teens. When I was in my 20s I got this crazy idea to get a respectable hair cut as it was called. My longtime hairstylist I went to refused to cut it. She said women would die for hair like mine.
    I have kept it all these years. In my 60s now. Same hair just silver now.
    A high ponytail is my favorite style. I live in a very windy state.😃

    1. Send photos - I would love to see. rhonda williams at bell south dot net