Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Feminin Differential - The Versatility of White Jeans


I have worn white jeans many times when I was not going for a feminine differential.There is the possibility that they generated a few second looks.

 However, white jeans can be as feminine as you like by adding tops, shoes, purse, or just a bracelet / feminine watch. Many jeans have a dinstict feminine cut and provide a unmistaken look as to the department they were purchased. Especially when the derrière is tight and legs are slim cut.  I love the look!  

The jeans above are Macy's  "LEVI'S Women's Classic Straight-Leg Jeans" and have a beautiful feminine cut. The Venus and Banana Republic tops are from many seasons ago but are timeless in style. There are so many variations that can go with white jeans, the possibilities are endless.    

One can dress "over the edge" with a heels or a heeled thong sandal. However for every day comfort, a platform sneaker adds another dimension; (sorry for the pun).  The above "Adidas Originals Women's platform sneaker" are my everyday work shoes.  

See also "21 Ways to Wear White Jeans" or "7 ways to wear white jeans this summer".

Enjoy this "Feminin Differentials" and dress how you please.  Life is short.

Here is Susan's (SusanAfter60) take on white jeans
A beautiful look.

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