Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Feminine Differential - Wearing Resortwear

The Friday afternoon Tea in the Pavilion at the Palm Beach Flagler Museum

Not all are fans of Pulitzer’s clothes and its cult like followers.  The Atlantic Magazine stated: "Pulitzer’s clothes evoke not just wealth, but class. Lilly wear is not just “resortwear” gone mainstream. It invokes the ease of living enjoyed by those who can use the term 'resortwear' unironically. These are clothes that are worn by people for whom life is, in relative terms, a permanent vacation."

So for four days we all got to pretend.  I am sure maybe some there had "scrapbook notions of ancient family trees, summer compounds, boarding school uniforms, and large, granite buildings inscribed with some great-great-grandfather’s name." However, no one cared. That is what a girls retreat is all about. Having fun. 

Lilly wear to me represents something that money cannot buy. An escape into the land of femininity and be socially like all the "other" women in attendance. For that retreat I looked like the preppie I wanted to be in high school. I am sure that I was not the only latent preppy there.  

The uniform was consistent, for the young, middle and grandmothers. Skirts and dresses were short and long. Regardless of ethnicity, bright colors fit the occasion with the surrounding palm trees, sea breeze and a pool party. 

Yes, for a glorious four day retreat, Lilly Pulitzer fashion was not just a clothing style. It was a life style brand that represented my Palm Beach "Escape" beautifully.   


  1. Rhonda, What a wonderful experience. I just love the pastel colors - thanks so much for sharing!

  2. What a cute picture of you lounging the the chair. Great smile. Just lovely. Regards, Randi