Tuesday, June 20, 2023

What She Wore - Mercedes Club Breakfast...

and Car Shopping

Talbots petite skirt (last season)
Talbots Roll Up Sleeve, Button Down, Chambray Denim Shirt
Talbots rope macrame bucket bag in cream. 
Vintage Coach Issy Signature Buckle Peep Toe Pumps

My Mercedes Club had our "End-of-the-Season" breakfast a few weeks back. The Breakfast at the Jupiter's Jersey Diner, was attended by our late season regulars; those that have not headed north. It is fun group and was my chance to show off my almost new '18 SL.

Which brings up an interesting story.  a few months back I visited my local Mercedes Dealer to confirm a club event to be held this coming fall. I was immediately drawn to a beautiful black '18 SL 550. The interior is a camel/tan and it has all the features of my previous SL, 4 years younger and very low mileage. If I had ordered one from the factory, this would have been my options of choice. 

The higher used car prices enhanced my trade-in value (equity) and this was a good age/trade point. My old car was detailed and went immediately to their front line-up.  I was told it sold in two days. 

Technical stuff: Mercedes has done a major refresh of the SL line from the R231 design (my car) to the R232 (2022).  Gone is the convertible folding origami hard-top replacing it with a cloth soft-top. There is  the addition of a miniature backseat (2+2) and AWD. Also AMG has taken over the line now badging the SL as AMG 55 and AMG 63. Starting at $137,400 and $178,100 MSRP respectively; a significant price increase. I am not sold on the soft-top nor the price differential, thus my preference for the older design. See how America influenced the 2022 Mercedes AMG SL.

As Rhonda, I worked with a Daniella, a kind and no-pressure sales person and ultimately we struck a mutual deal.  I was introduced around and had another no-pressure experience with the closing person, Barry. Deal done, Daniella insisted on the ribbon photo; "Oh must there be photos?" 

Of course all the paperwork was accomplished with my legal name, but no one blinked and there were many feminine type hugs at closing. This car-buying experience was likely my less stressful and best all around ever.     

Just another example of how visibility adds to our acceptance.   

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