Thursday, June 1, 2023



Today, June 1, is "Wear a Dress Day". I challenge you and I hope to post photos during the day of my outings.  My challenge to you: the obvious... Send me photos and I will post them during today and going forward on this page.  Let's fill up the page with beautiful dresses!!! 

Acording to National Today:

Wear a Dress Day is celebrated every June 1 and gives women an opportunity to sport their favorite dress. This includes dresses of all sorts, designs, and patterns — all that is important is that it’s a dress you love.


Rhonda's Morning

My day began with a returns to Home Depot. Another returns customer took the photo upper left.  Next stop Starbucks for a quick ice tea.  I have been assigned a new primary care physician by my medical team, so it was a good time for her meet Rhonda. I like Dr. Brown. What better day for a blue dress.  The photo lower left is me checking out and getting a new appointment for six months out.  Final stop, was my local market to pick up a box salad for lunch.  I had the market checkout persone snap the center bottom photo. 

Overall a good outing with the new experience of visiting my doctor's office as Rhonda.  A good morning on "Wear a Dress Day"! 

Thanks Paula for sending along that lovely dress photo.  There must be more of you who want to share your "Wear a Dress Day" photo.



Thanks for the inspiration.

Although I'm a day late, you inspired me with the news of national dress day.  I LOVE dresses, but I feel conspicuous out shopping when no one else is wearing a dress.  At your urging, I threw on a dress for my morning shopping excursion.  Of course, no one else had a dress on, but I didn't seem to attract any undue attention that I noticed.  So after I ate lunch at Panera I asked  a couple to take my picture.  So here it is for your page.



My picture from yesterday


Send your photos to rhonda.williams.fl@gmail.com


  1. Hi Rhonda - you are a very interesting person with both sides as I read in your profile. Thanks for showing my fotos. I like dresses and skirts very much - as you do I suppose. I like shopping too, but my wardrope is completely full....so I have to restrict myself.
    Have a good time and all the best

    1. Thanks for being a reader an commening. From your blog profile photo you are beautiful.

    2. Your photos are beautiful and so are you..