Thursday, October 5, 2023

I Love A Success Story - Michael Riordan Part 2

Michael Riordan
Director Marketing and Communications
Compass Community Center

BY: Michael Riordan

"I know that right now it is very tough to be a transgender person. The political rhetoric that is turning into draconian, fascist legislation is overwhelming and terrifying. But there is something to remember: It will be ok. This will pass. It will take time, but it will pass. 

Transgender people are exceptionally resilient. The worst battle we ever face is the internal battle we fight within ourselves. For those of us who are able to admit who we are and start transitioning have wrestled with our own fears and we've overcome them. Unlike so many people out there, we know why we are unhappy. We are fortunate to know the source of that unhappiness: gender dysphoria. When we choose to do something about it . . . when we choose to live our truth in the face of such hate, when we choose to stand up and be seen so that we can live our lives with internal peace . . . we set ourselves apart from those who remain unhappy with their lives. I think the fact that we choose to take control of our lives is why we are hated so much. 

Please always remember that it is your life. You are valid. You are real. The feelings you experience are happening. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. My real life started when I made the decision to transition 7 years ago. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Nor would I trade being visible and seen right now in a time that is so scary, but where our visibility is more important than ever. Be safe, but be yourself and never apologize for it." 

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