Monday, October 2, 2023

Class Reunion - 75th Birthday Celebration


High School Reunion Outfit - October 2023

In a little over two weeks I have a High School Reunion coming up. As Rhonda, I attended my class's 50th reunion and it was one of my life's most positive "Escapes". That night brought hugs and acceptance beyond expectations. 

50th High School Reunion
October 2016

So this time around, the shock value is past. I am attending to see classmates and be with old friends.  Although a large class we were close, being a class that was together five years; grades 8-12.  All of us went from seventh grade (elementary school) to high school. With the extra year it meant most everyone interacted through classes, sports, or clubs.    

I was fairly well known through sports and clubs and even back then, was sociable and outgoing. That is how several classmates described me during our last reunion and was not shocked by current activism.  

We scheduled periodic reunions over the years and many were disappointed not having a 55th, due to COVID. Not wanting to wait another three years until our 60th, A fellow classmate mentioned a 75th birthday party.  I suggested it to the reunion committee and we are having a "75 Birthday Bash", being this is the year that we all turn 75.

Attrition and ill health  are taking their toll, so now seemed better than later. Sadly, our "in Memorial" list stands at over one-third of the class.  It seems like ever few weeks we all get an e-mail of a passing.   

I will make the weekend to Southern Virginia a road-trip and visit grand-kids going and coming.  One lives in Orlando and another in Asheville NC. 

I am looking forward to a happy weekend. A class "Meet-& Greet" reception is planned for Friday night, the main event "Party" for Saturday evening, and a departing breakfast Sunday.     

Previously for my 50th reunion I worked hard  to find an outfit.  My choice worked knowing that although a dressy occasion, over doing it was not an option for a first time "outing" to the group. 

This time the event is being held at the County's Country Club. Although not a fancy location by Florida's outlandish country clubs,  I will step-up my look a little; see above.    

The white Palazzo pants (Casual Wide Leg Palazzo Pants) and off the shoulder top (Elegant One Shoulder Ruched Ruffle Short Sleeve Blouse) are fancy but I did not break the bank, being they both are Amazon's. However, as always the shoes are a challenge. Purchased at Macy's (Phillys Two-Piece Evening Sandals) they needed to have a manageable heel for the whole evening. Other than sitting to eat, there is a lot of walking around and talking.

... don’t try to dress so that you look like everyone else. You are a fabulously unique person, so show it off!!

There will be photos; stay tuned!





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