Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Legacy Project At Palm Beach Dramaworks

I had a big honor back in February.  The “Legacy Project” is a way that stories and life's experiences are recorded and communicated for posterity. Lesser known facts and even deeper life happenings are recorded to be passed on for generations, family and friends. My local LGBTQ Community Center working with The Dramaworks Theater, put the 2023 project together. An evening where activists within the community would be interviewed and then honored at a public presentation. Two were interviewed as a couple, so there were three interviews of four people.  

My recorded interview was about 2 hours long.  It was then professionally edited and distilled down to a 29-minute video.  

Part of the Legacy Project purpose is to build bridges with the young and those who have gone before them. Unknown to me at the time, the young woman who did my interview and narrated, went to college with my grandson. They knew each other very well. There were big hugs that evening between them with the,  "I did not know..." and "What a small world..." conversations.  

At a local performing arts theater, all four of us were honored with about 500 in attendance to be there and see the videos. All of my family attended, either live or by Zoom, including my grandkids. Also, several of my former workmates were my guest.  

I cried, from just having so many of my activist/transgender stories being told and being seen by my family.  I even got to give the concluding remarks and encouraged everyone that, "Now is the time for us all to be activists.”  What an emotional evening with dinner after with my family.  I love you all.  

The Legacy Project is a nationwide project with all the videos being sent to the National Archive for storage and posterity.

I want to thank Compass my LGBTQ center, and The Dramaworks Theater for an evening that I will never forget.  A highly memorable and emotional night that will live on. .

Legacy Project 2023 - Interview with Rhonda
29 minutes
"More about Rhonda than you ever needed or wanted to know."

Please fast forward to that point if you cannot watch all of the other moving stories.


Personal Note:  I am in Bar Harbor Maine for a family wedding this weekend. My next post will be Monday October 2nd.  Everyone have a wonderful weekend. 

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  1. A very nice oral history of you Rhonda. I am in my 70's and have been doing oral histories of other older folks for over ten years. I found yours to be the most poignant one I have heard. Congrats to you.
    Gendre Amore