Monday, September 4, 2023

Feminine Differential - Barbie Pink


Continuing with this summer's "Barbie" hot pink revolution*, I saw this "Women's Solid One-Button Boyfriend Blazer" at Macy's last week. (on sale this weekend) It was not something I would buy without trying on so give it a shot. It really fits beautifully with a slight waist taper and has sleeves that can be rolled-up (a Feminine differential) with the a stripe lining showing. A nice touch in the way it is designed.     

I am assuming the "boyfriend" designation applies to the one-button blazer itself, not the stated "FUCHSIA" color. Without question, the feminine color of the season. Even with jeans, no one is going to mistake this blazer to be anything other that what it appears. 

The green, fuchsia, pink, turquoise are all year-round color here in Florida. I see this blazer also working with my Lilly skirts and shorts; Pink rules.   

I like the look and as always it can be dressed up or down by the shoe combination. The jeans can range from pale wash to to dark and it would look super dressy with white pants.     

‘Barbie’ is Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing global release ever


  1. Enjoy reading your blog. Letting you know about typos: selves and pain.