Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Feminine Differential - Flare Jeans in '23 - A Revisit

I am going to give "Flare Jeans", one more look. My discussion a few weeks back centered on "Flare vs Skinny Jeans" both being in fashion this fall. I did purchase a pair of Macy's Flare Pull On Jeans  to try. However, I was not satisfied with the fit and especially the length. As one fashion blog stated,  "they are more for long legs" of which, I do not have. The ones I purchased were way to long and even with heels would have require extensive fitting.  Back they went. 

Not ready to completely give up on this season's hottest jeans, I found the above jeans on Amazon as "High Waisted Flared". Several reviews mention the shorter length; so worth a try.

What I do know is the length matters and I am interested in paring these jeans with heels and several existing tops. Polka-dot and stripe are two of my favorite casual looks. Stay tuned.

Post delivery review:  The Amazon Jeans are a keeper.  The length is perfect (size 8 - 29 1/2") and not such a pronounced "Bell Bottom" as the photo shows.  Definitely a little more style than "Boot Cut". However, not your 60's wide, bell bottom. A good look for me. The rise is high with a "trim-cut" down to the knee. 

These will look great with boots and heels. There is a good pronounced tight cut to the back and the stretch waist makes for an easy fit. The ever so minimal distressed area is a great feminine differential. I like these jeans.   


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  1. I have recently tried flares too and love them. I got a pair of Lululemon Align Flare leggings and they are amazing. I can dress them down for everyday wear or pair them with a nice blouse and heels for something more dressy. What is old is new again! Lauren