Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Nashville elects Tennessee’s first openly transgender politician

Olivia Hill, 57, a military veteran, joins the Nashville city council in historic election

Gloria Oladipo  Sat 16 Sep 2023

Olivia Hill
Nashville elects Tennessee’s first openly transgender politician

A transgender woman won election to a seat on Nashville’s city council, becoming the first openly transgender person to be voted into political office in Tennessee. Olivia Hill, 57, secured one of the four open at-large seats on the metro council of Nashville, a politically liberal city in an overwhelmingly conservative state.

About Olivia Hill (From her WEB Site)

Olivia Hill was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. A product of Metro public schools, Olivia's roots are planted firmly in this city she loves. She has seen firsthand the kindness, strength, and creativity demonstrated by her fellow Nashvillians. She knows the vast potential this city offers.

A Navy veteran, Olivia served in the engineering division for ten years, seeing combat in Desert Storm. While serving her country, Olivia gained unique expertise in electrical engineering, a set of skills she utilized to become the Senior Supervisor of the Vanderbilt University power plant, managing a 24/7 operation with a budget of over 100 million dollars. Along her path to that role, she held every position, from plumber/pipe fitter, diesel mechanic, and gas turbine specialist to a welder, high voltage electrician, and union shop steward. After accumulating 36 years of experience in the engineering industry, Olivia knows the value of getting her hands dirty and the hard work it takes to keep crucial systems functioning.

Live Free: Olivia Hill Shares Her Story

In recent years, Olivia has served as a community leader, educating the public about the difficulties faced by women and the LGBTQ+ community. She is frequently invited to speak to many of Nashville's premier organizations, including the Tennessee Bar Association, the Metro Nashville Police Academy, Vanderbilt University, the Nashville School of Law, local churches, and Metro Nashville Social Services, as well as serving on the board of directors for the Tennessee Pride Chamber. In 2019, Olivia received the Chancellor's Heart and Soul award from Vanderbilt University. She was chosen as the LGBTQ Advocate of the year in 2020 for her dedicated service to the community.

Olivia plans to bring the full breadth of her experience and leadership skills to Nashville Metro Council. Dedicated to serving the communities she loves, Olivia will not shy away from the effort required to improve our already fabulous city.

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