Wednesday, September 27, 2023

I Love A Success Story - The Browsers

Meet Nick And Bianca, The Transgender Couple That Naturally Conceived 2 Kids

Nick And Bianca Browsers

by HernĂ¡n Tamargo
Published on 09-29-2020

Bianca and Nick felt like they were trapped in someone else's body ever since they were kids. It wasn't until their early 20s that they finally accepted that their gender identity didn't match their assigned sex, thus acknowledging themselves as transexuals. In their own words, never had they imagined they would one day find true love and even build a family of their own. Up next, a moving story of a transgender couple who managed to naturally conceive two children, thus defying the binary categories of modern medicine.

Paving The Way For Greater Trans Visibility

The Browsers' story has become viral and the "dad becoming pregnant" news received widespread media attention worldwide. Never had they imagined they would become that famous!

While not all transgender people want to have children or even identify themselves as "men" or "women", their story will definitely help foster a greater respect and understanding of trans lives. It's definitely a great step towards trans visibility!

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