Friday, September 1, 2023

My Shadow is Purple by Scott Stuart

School board votes to fire teacher who read book on gender identity to Georgia fifth-graders

Story by By Jamiel Lynch, CNN 

A suburban Atlanta school board has voted to terminate the contract of a teacher who read a book about gender identity to gifted fifth-graders – the latest salvo in a nationwide clash over how issues like gender and race are discussed in public school classrooms.

My Shadow is Purple,” written by Scott Stuart, describes itself as a “heartwarming and inspiring book about being true to yourself.” Publisher Larrikin House says the story “considers gender beyond binary in a vibrant spectrum of colour.”

The Cobb County board voted 4-3 Thursday to terminate the contract of Katherine Rinderle, disagreeing with the recommendation of a panel of retired county educators. She was removed from her classroom in March after a parent complained she’d read “My Shadow is Purple” to her class, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which represents her.

The district has claimed Rinderle in reading the book violated at least six of its policies and administrative rules, including two based on 2022 Georgia laws that restrict instruction of “divisive concepts” and provide greater transparency to parents and guardians in what their children are taught, according to a charge letter from the district reviewed by CNN.

The Georgia laws are part of a broader effort by conservative lawmakers across US states to limit how topics such as sexual orientation, gender identity and race are handled in schools.

“I am disappointed in the district’s decision to terminate me for reading an inclusive and affirming book – one that is representative of diverse student identities,” Rinderle said after Thursday’s vote in a statement released by the law center.

READ ALOUD: My Shadow is Purple by Scott Stuart

A heartwarming and inspiring rhyming realistic fiction text about being true to yourself and moving beyond the gender binary.  By best-selling children's book creator Scott Stuart.


  1. Teachers would be better off teaching the basics like math and so on. Leave the cultural and social issues alone. Let the parents teach their kids those kind of things.

    1. In principle i agree. However, I had teaches that introduce more than the basics. For that, I am grateful. Also, some parents lack the intelligence to help expand their children minds. Dooming their children the same uninformed world they live. I does take a village...