Thursday, October 19, 2023

Jon Stewart Nails Arkansas AG...

 On Ban Of Gender-Affirming Care For Trans Youth

The TV host asked Leslie Rutledge why she would take a doctor's advice if her kid had cancer but ignore experts on treating gender dysphoria.

Political commentator Jon Stewart isn’t a lawyer, but he did a masterful takedown of an Arkansas law preventing gender-affirming medical care for children ― and he did it right to the face of the state’s attorney general.

Although a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit temporarily blocked the state from enforcing the 2021 law in August, a trial is scheduled this month on whether to permanently block the law.

But Attorney General Leslie Rutledge couldn’t put up much of a defense during an interview with Stewart for his Apple TV series, “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” based on the clip below.

A must see interview: 

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  1. what really bugs me is that these govt. officials don't even really understand the problem. for example-blockers can be reversed.and I don't see anyone on our side pointing out the damage and cost involved by not using blockers so now the new adult has to go through surgeries etc. to correct the effects of puberty
    sure there is a risk to blockers but the same with all other kinds of drugs as you can see on tv ads.
    I am clueless as to if there really is a move afoot to convince kids that they are TG. But reading of the cases where people detransition it is obvious that they were not suffering GD in the 1st place.The one thing all of my friends agree upon is that if you feel you belong in the other gender at ages 4 to 6 nothing will ever change that