Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Feminine Differential - Wearing Retro Pin Up Styles


There is very little that can be considered "Retro" in menswear.  Same-old, same-old for decades. Women's fashions are so creative that new designs come out on regular time intervals; then repeat again. Some are distinctively past, however, some always look edgy or "Retro". The crinoline petticoat under a full skirt, is so 50's. However, for a costume or theme party, always appropriate; think felt poodle applique. A great female Halloween costume.     

My mother was stylish in the 1950's. A new dress for the X'mas holiday and Easter were always required with matching hat, shoes and purse.  I remember her wearing  what is now called "Carpi" pants and rolled up jeans which are now considered every day wear, not retro. Even some colors can be viewed as retro as in the above fashion layout - teal, turquoise green.  

I saw the photo below on Pinterest and was drawn to the retro color, capri jeans, heels and gingham top. I found the jeans on the Talbots site (JEGGING CROPS), on sale, already have several gingham tops and the shoes shown.  I am not seeing this as a costume, although that would work, but as a fun casual, attention getting outfit. 

Purchasing note:  The Talbots jeggings (size 6) arrived over the weekend and are super.  The overall "Retro" look, I like the outfit.  What do you think?.  Do you wear "Retro"?  There is a dress-up holiday coming!

Pin Up Girl Clothing
Mina Capris in Mint Blue Stretch Twill | Laura Byrnes Design

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