Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Who Wore it Better- Gingham Skirt?

I found Krystin Lee's blog from a Pinterest link.  I kept looking at the  black / white Gingham skirt and thinking, "I have that". Sure enough, I did and it was a Talbots purchase some years ago.  I love shopping my closet.  

Note on Krystin Lee blog

Suburban Faux-Pas is a lifestyle blog where I share snippets of my current inspirations including fashion, beauty, decor and more, she looks great and has wonderful fashion advice. 

This past Saturday my Mercedes Club has a meetup at Palm Beach Gardens Mercedes, my closet dealership. Paul, the dealership manager rolled out the "Red Carpet" for some 30 club members in attendance that morning. We had free vehicle inspections / washes, a tour of all the new cars, lunch and a lively Mercedes trivia contest with prizes.  Thank you all.   

I am not going to have you tell "Who Wore It Best", because Krystin is a beautiful woman and coordinated her outfit the best. However, my skirt was shorter. I could only aspire...   

Road Star Section - Mercedes Club of America
Meetup October 2023

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  1. I do love that Gingham skirt and think you both styles it very nicely. I took a look at Krystin's blog and love her other outfits. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Lots there to consider! Lauren