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Straight Man Dresses As A Woman - Interview


Published by Erika Fonseca: Sep 09, 2020

‘My girlfriend gave me an ultimatum. ‘Either that has to go, or I do.’ I broke down in tears. I tried my hardest to stop, but the desire lingered on in secret.’: Male crossdresser outed at work details journey to ‘liberation’

Sami Lawrence

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Embracing the Sami side of me has helped me love all of myself! I am out to all of my friends and family and regularly go out in femme mode just because it’s so much fun!

The real goal in all of this was just to make my crossdressing a “normal” thing for me and I have pretty much achieved that. I can do pretty much anything as a guy or a girl and I’m happy either way.

Reason you crossdress: It’s complex. In some capacity, it’s a refuge and an escape from the stresses of everyday life. It also helps me feel better and more confident about self, my body, my mind, etc.

It helps me express an appreciation for femininity that is typically suppressed for men in American culture. Also…it’s just plain fun!!

The Interview

Interview by: Sharzad Kiadeh
Straight Man Dresses Like woman

On this week's episode we have Sami, a straight man who likes to dress up like a woman! He takes us through everything from his early life growing up in a conservative and religious Florida town to what it's like for him to date. In his words he's just a "straight dude who likes to look and feel pretty."


  1. Great story so much of it is relatable to my life and probably the lives of many of us here thanks for posting this Paula Paula G

  2. I am sure it was probably good. But since it was unavailable....who Knows?
    Angel Amore