Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Price-Is-Right / Wrong - Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Off-The-Shoulder Tops 

I know this one is hard because you cannot feel the texture or study the quality. And, obviously the most expensive is said to be "silk" although its detail description states, "Silk blend" which can mean almost anything. What triggered this layout was the arrival of the Ralph Lauren Pre-Spring style e-mail / on-line catalog.  I assume the items would not be offered if someone was not willing to pay the price.  Would anyone notice the difference?  
Part of my "Price-is-Right / Wrong" games are to highlight the absurdity of female fashion.  Although not a slave to it, I do enjoy style and I am always searching for an event or evening-out outfit to be ready. The "I have noting to wear" will never be a deterrent. I just hope to live long enough to exhaust my closet. I just wish those models did not look so darn happy wearing their outfits. 

So here goes - Happy Shopping:   


Express - Silky Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee  - $49.00 (BOGO 50% off second)

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