Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reunion Outfit #1

Yesterday I posted on my upcoming 50th High School reunion.  Thank all of you for you encouragement and support.  Great comments. The best response I have has on any of my post.  

I am getting excited. I have searched my closet for just the right look and have come up with several options.  As I mentioned the Red Cocktail look that I had already worn to a Palm Beach event is one of my choices. I know that red always attracts attention, so do I want to do the double attention trick?  Maybe not?

Option two is the above.  This dress fits me very well and one of the school colors is blue.  I am petite with curves and this does hang beautifully. You can do the math as well as anyone, so for a "68 year old" it looks nice and almost age appropriate.    

I found some great advice at the VibrantNation site - "Clothes for women over 50: What to wear to a high school reunion?"

Even when the invitation says casual, the style of dress probably won’t be. Women especially will want to look amazing at their high school reunions, and no one is going to be really casual. By the same token, you don’t want to be over-dressed. If you’re attending an evening affair, try a low-key, elegant cocktail dress instead or a jacket with a great pair of pants.
You don’t want to wear anything old-fashioned, not even for nostalgia’s sake. At your high school reunion, you want to look like what you are: a stunning modern woman. Simple sheath dresses are fantastic for a high school reunion. They’re simple, and you can find them in plenty of vibrant colors that are totally in keeping with the latest trends. Dress up your simple sheath with the right accessories. Pair a simple outfit with a dazzling statement necklace, a fashionable belt and sparkling earrings.
Remember that elegance is the key word for a high school reunion. If you look classy, that’s a lot more sexy than looking like a woman who’s trying to dress like she’s still 30. No matter what you wear, confidence and a big smile are your most important accessories. So go have fun!
So what do you think?  I am still experimenting with looks and have not fully committed yet. What complicates, is that there is a Friday event also; a wine tasting at a local winery and/or a football game.  OH NO! Another outfit!  Back to the mall and drawing board. (computer screen).  I will keep you posted.  


  1. Both dresses are Knockouts - I love how you plan all your outfits out well before hand.


  2. Go with option two. You will look fabulous.