Monday, September 26, 2016

The Power of a Smile

The Power of a smile 
I am far from unnoticeable.  At my age I feel invisible at times. However we all know the look we get when someone notices something is "different". Many times, entering into a store or mall while someone is exiting, I will look at our reflections in the glass door.  Not to watch myself, but to see if anyone has stopped or turned around behind me - To better get a look. I am good, but not perfect.  

One occasion was at a San Diego Mall many years ago. I noticed that two women, middle age, were following me. Not in a good way and I was hearing comments. I made for an exit and went to my car. While sitting there my anger went internal.  What could I have done to 1) prevent and 2) defuse. 

Prevent - How I was dressed. I knew better than to go to the mall on Saturday afternoon overdressed. In my defense, I was heading to a group meeting and needed pantyhose. However, I stood out and invited unwanted attention. Blending in at a mall, movie, museum or restaurant is a matter of pre-planning, and forethought.   
Defuse – It is amazing the power of a smile.  If I see someone watching - I make eye contact and smile.  It is my way of say I am OK, you can be OK too. Many time I get a smile back and we both go on our way.  Several  time I have engaged and a conversation has occurred – outreach.  In fact, research shows that over 80% of all human interaction is nonverbal.  Thus a smile indicates we are receptive, open and non-threatening.

Try it next time.  A smile is one of the most beautiful accessories we can wear and cost nothing. Always in style.  Please share any experiences you might have had.  


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