Monday, September 5, 2016

Southern Comfort Convention 2016

The Largest Gathering Of The Transgender Community In The World.  

WOW - that is quite a statement.  SCC as it is affectionately know is only a month away. September 27th through October 1st.  I have attended many over the years and in my, only getting out occasionally days, it was a rare treat. Four day immersed in the land of femininity.  Nothing could compare with the planning, and the thrill of being there. I would start planning in early summer getting together outfits and laying the groundwork for my "out-of-town" business trip that required a weekend stay. Oh the games we played.  

Although I did not recognize it then, I had only extended my closet. However it still was a very important step.  The best part - Friends. Some I knew only from magazine like Tapestry, or Lady Like and others I bonded with immediately - Sisters.  Many became life long friends some of which are sadly gone - not forgotten.   

Which bring me to this year.  I hope to see some old friends there again!  It is my plan to be there Thursday through Saturday working and presenting.  I am doing my own seminar on blogging on Friday afternoon and then introducing my friend Dr Mardirossian at his seminar on facial feminization surgery (FFS), Thursday afternoon.  I will be easy to find and will be helping at Dr. Mardirossian's booth, as last year.  

Just as as side note: Dr Mardirossian will be providing private FFS consultation on Saturday. Schedule by sending me an e-mail or see us on Thursday or Friday to book a time.   

I hope to see many of my blogging friends in Ft. Lauderdale.  The city has been very accommodating and truly welcomes us.   Here is the web site for SCC.  The sight include registration information, event schedules and highlights.  Here is my review of SCC from last year.

Rhonda - Atlanta '99 SCC
Do I look happy? 


Are you going to be there?

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