Wednesday, September 21, 2016

50th High School Reunion

I have my 50th High School reunion in Southern Virginia the second Saturday in October. I have really debated in my mind what to do. My desire is to make sure that this small town knows that "transgender" is not an abstract concept or a Kardashian disorder. I guess the ultimate outreach event -  "Look what happened to the football co-captain!"

I weigh the fact that this is going to generate a lot of attention.  I do not fear the attention and at many levels, I celebrate
 there. However, do I want to make it about me?  After all it is the 50th anniversary of a collective group; their memories and experiences.   Am I selfishly putting my need ahead of the evening's?   

It fell to me to assemble a slide presentation for the evening - scanning and writing a PowerPoint that will run during the festivities. We will have over 200+ in attendance and 130+ classmates; an amazing turnout.  I have scanned the yearbook photos of those attending and senior event moment photos - prom, class elections, most likely to succeed...  It is a nice presentation that will elicit many memories. Included also is memorial photos of those we who have passed. Both presentations will self-run; not something I will need to narrate. 

As a backup and a one person support group, I have solicited the involuntarily help of an old girlfriend.  She is to push me through the door if I loose my nerve.  Assuming I get to the door and provided she does not take one look at me and run the other way.  

Here are the dynamics - I have not been back in town in over 10 years.  None of the class mates remotely knows about Rhonda (I think) and I have not shared Rhonda's FaceBook page or blog. I do not have family there, but many will still remember me - very small town. I will post on the blog in a day-or-so, a fashion layout that will show my intended outfit - much planning with trepidation.  Hint: My Cocktail Party Attire post or something similar.  

So, I guess I am having a little pre-show anxietyI am likely over exaggerating the impact and it might be just a "non-event"? Right? Readers please help me? Have you done it?  Do you know someone who has?  What happened? Was there a transgender person at your reunion, other than you? Would you do it?

Go?  No go?  Advice? 



  1. I have not gone to my high school reunion because my class has not had a reunion, but I did go to my law school class reunion and had a wonderful time and urge you to do it. (I wrote about it here: http://www.femulate.org/2012/06/my-law-school-reunion.html)

  2. Rhonda:

    My own HS 50th reunion will be in 2019 and I've begun contemplating doing the same, so I have no problem having you trail-blaze this for all of us in similar situations. My HS is in northern Virginia, so if you survive presenting en femme in southern Virginia, I'll take that as a good sign.

    So if we were to vote on this, I vote "go for it".


  3. "However, do I want to make it about me?" Demonstrates to me your selflessness and kind heart.

    However I believe your fears are unwarranted, as we all have experienced in the past the, how many times have we collectively wondered "What was I afraid of?"

    If this was a wedding, Your presence might take some of the spotlight away from the Bride. I see a reunion of 50 years a time and a place to share where life as taken you, who you have grown into, and who you truly are.

    To hide Rhonda would actually be a disservice to yourself and your class.

    Even in a small southern town a transgender person at a high school reunion will not be unexpected or surprising. I'm thinking a non-event is more likely.

    I'm sure you will have a strong group of advocates.

    Your cocktail dress and accessories WOW!

  4. my trepidation would be there for sure but I urge you to do it if for no other reason than to put a face on transgender people and that we were always under their noses but were just hiding in plain sight. Nerves aside I think you will do great...

  5. Whatever you decide will be appropriate. Since this is a small town I surmise that it will turn into a long weekend for many of the attendees. Perhaps you will have some down time outside the formal affair to reconnect with the old crowd.

  6. GO, you are a beautiful women. You will be the hit of the reunion.

  7. At my 50th no one was TS . It is a tuff call . I would not want to make a the others uncomfortable. I think most of the women would be thrilled but the Guys?

  8. My honest opinion is---you do look very feminine and natural and going as Rhonda would help legitimize yourself as "yourself" I'm sure there will be those who reject you--but I'm sure there will be many who accept and congratulate you !!!

  9. Thanks Connie,

    The reunion was wonderful...... No Rejections.