Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Outrageous becomes Ordinary

“I am in love”. That is how a friend started a conversation this past Sunday evening. He was not talking about a person but was alluding to the sports car he had looked at. I understood fully. I wlll admit to the same lustful longings for the above Christin Louboutin “So Kate" 120 mm pumps. In fact if was the same friend, "I am in love", that sent me the photo of these beauties knowing my love for beautiful shoes.

However let’s get real for just a quick second. Shoe love and getting real do belong in the same post, but here goes. These are 120mm or 4.75 inch heels. Just a few years ago, they would have been branded “Hooker Heels”. However based on the brand and price, they are way out of that league; Unless you are Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is buying them for you.

I make no secret for my love of heels here and these are definitely of the pulse quickening variety. However, four inch heels are my upper limits and lately I have settled into the three inch heels height. Still sexy. Still feminine. Practical, maybe. Three inch I can wear at an event or cocktail reception almost all evening with only a few regrets the next day.

So the "Outrageous Has Become Ordinary". Not for these feet. Has practically come with age? Let's hope not.  But those red bottoms are so sexy!!! 
“I am in love”.

What do you think?

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  1. What's not to love.
    Back when the boys were small I stumbled across a deal for a slightly used Porsche. It was a steal through a business contact of mine. I bought the car and brought it home. Both sons loved it. sleek...sporty...hot red with black leather interior..etc
    My wife grudgingly opined "What's the big deal...it's just a car. Why are you and the boys making such a fuss over a car...and a rather useless one at that."
    All I could respond was "If I have to explain the allure of the Porsche to you...I can't."
    I think the same applies to the shoes. If you are called upon to explain them to someone who just "Doesn't get it"...good luck