Thursday, September 1, 2016

Boho Chic - How to Wear Off-The-Shoulder

My Off-The-Shoulder Look

I love the off shoulder Bohemian "Boho Chic" look and many designers and shops have been featuring it this summer.  This is not a new invention. All you have to do is search images of movie stars from the 50's for evidence. Think: Lucille Ball, Brigitte Bardot, Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly.  All icons we remember.  According to People Style's Coleen Kratofil: 

The thing about off-the-shoulder tops is that they’re sexy without showing too much skin. In fact, they’re also sexy while being completely flattering! Thanks to the billowy design, it hides any imperfect areas.

With its popularity it is like to be around for a while I hope.  Banana Republic has a wonderful selection as well White House Black Market and Chico's.  My problem is how do you wear it?  Once you raise your arms it slides up and is no longer "off-the-shoulder".  

I found a wonderful fashion hack here:

Just to clarify - The elastics goes under your arms and it works!  Here is Heather Yamada-Hosley Web site with more detail written instructions.

Have a beautiful "Off-The-Shoulder" summer! 

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