Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Feminine Differential - Pant Lengths

This is a simple clean and cool look for summer.  I have seen more off-shoulder tops this year than in seasons past, so I picked up several.  The one above is Nordstrom and I have seen them at Chico's and Banana Republic.  I wore this outfit to an outdoor event several weeks ago.  It is so much fun to play with different looks and venture out. Escape!


When I purchased these jeans from Talbots I got them in a little longer length for heels.  I have a similar JAG pull-on style that is petite for sandals.  I guess having different pant lengths is a "Feminine Differential".   

Here is a great comment from WardrobeOxygen:
The proper length of pant will elongate your figure, make you look leaner, and have you look more polished and professional. Too long and the effect is sloppy, too short and it can ruin the line of your look and make you appear shorter, wider, and sartorially clueless.
Unless the pants or jeans are skinny, straight, or ankle, they rarely work with both flats and heels. Again, I recommend sticking to around the same height of heels so you can easily mix and match pants and shoes. If you have a beloved pair of pants you wish to wear with flats and heels… consider purchasing two pairs. I have JAG Paley bootcut jeans in petite, and hemmed a regular length to be perfect with my 3” heels. It may seem excessive, but it may prevent you from destroying your favorite pants or buying “not quite right” pants.

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