Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Funnies - 9/4

Not exactly a funny today and we all needed a break from the politics of the week.  Here is a beautiful illustration from the  British Fashion Illustrator & Designer, Hayden Williams.  I love his work and what an appreciation for the female form.  As he states - "Conquering the world one fashion sketch at a time..." Enjoy.

I am conquered!


I have no upcoming trips until the end of September and the first week in October.  September 29, 30 and October 1 I will be at the Southern Comfort Convention (SCC) in Fort Lauderdale.  October 3-10 I will be in Asheville NC,   Southern Virginia (50th high school reunion) and then in Jacksonville FL October 10th, for business.  

Are you attending SCC? 

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