Friday, September 9, 2016

What is Your Shoe Personality

I love studies, especially the one dealing with Fashion.  Part on bring transgender is  always analyzing how we are thinking.  You know - the why, when, and what message am I sending? We cannot read enough.   For us noting is more telling and tantalizing than the female shoe.  Here is some interesting stuff I found:  

What's in a shoe? Surprising clues about a person's personality, a new study found.

From photos of shoes, college students were able to accurately predict the owners' age, gender and approximate income, as well as some subtler character quirks.

"You can get an amazing amount of information from a person in just a fraction of a second," said Christian Crandall, a professor of social psychology at the University of Kansas and lead author of the study published in the Journal of Research in Personality. "Nobody doubts that faces, heads and hairdos tell a lot about a person. But we thought, 'What about the other weird parts? What about shoes?'"

Sometimes fancy, sometimes functional, shoes are the "sole" of an outfit, according to Crandall. "Clothes are a costume, and shoes are a part of that," he said. "You're never more dressed up than your shoes."

Crandall and colleagues used personality tests to see which shoe-based stereotypes stood up. "Sometimes they're accurate, sometimes they're not," he said. So read on to learn what your shoes say about you.

OK here is what I found on Flats.

If you like to wear flat shoes of this type means that you are a friendly and quick to adapt to new environments because it has a fairly high confidence. Sometimes you also become very sensitive. So, do not be surprised if you are sensitive to the feelings of others. Although happy to look feminine in everyday life, but you also have an active and energetic personality.

Here is what I found on Stylish Heels:

The style of her shoes can tell you whether she’ll be confident-verging-on-cocky, or a little more down to earth. “Women in revealing, high-heeled sandals are more likely to be confident naked than women in closed-toe heels,” Masini says. “You can tell a lot about how a woman grooms the rest of her body by how she takes care of her feet. If there’s a neat, sexy pedicure going on, expect neat and sexy grooming elsewhere. No pedicure? No grooming elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, wedges and low, wide heels—not flats—may indicate insecurity, according to psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, MD. “Women wearing wedges want to appear taller without the discomfort of high heels,” she says. “They may be a little more middle-of-the-road. Also, the wider and shorter the heels on a woman’s shoes, the more insecure she might be.”


There is a lot more out there and somewhat accurate.  Scientific, I am not so sure but reading about shoes is always fun.     

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  1. I have more shoes than I can wear and often forget what I do have!!! all types--- but I do like open toed the best to show off my painted toes when possible!!!