Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Too Old for Style - Never!

The style icon is ringing in her 95th birthday with a new fashion collaboration for Macy's INC. 

My Note: Throughout my years of living and working in and around Palm Beach, I would often see Iris Apfel out and about.  The museum I worked at did a fashion exhibition on her work a few year back and I got to meet her there. She is a true style icon of 95 years and has recently collaborated with Macy's and the INC line.  Mrs. Apfel is an advocate for embracing your own personal style and is easily recognizable in her signature big round glasses, layers of statement jewelry and red lipstick. She rocks this season's 70's inspired trends now as she no doubt did then.  Let's rock our style too!  

Iris Apfel has lived through 95 years of fashion, but don't ask her to pick her favorite decade of style: "I never think that way. I think trends are ridiculous. You should look in the mirror and know who you are and dress for you and not dress in what they tell you to put on." Touché.

Along with ringing in her 95th birthday this week, the style legend also celebrated the launch of Iris Meets INC, her new fashion collaboration with Macy's, at a chic lunch hosted at La Sirena in New York yesterday.

Apfel arrived to her bash wearing the new collection from head-to-toe: a '60s-inspired print dress, over-the-knee boots, bangles, chunky necklaces and of course, her signature specs. "Everything I have on is INC!" she declared happily, "I love all the pieces [in the collection]. Great designs, wonderful fit, I can't get over the way they fit and the quality of the fabric. And the pricing—nothing is over $200!".

The 40-piece collection is just the latest feat for the interior designer, who's lived quite the colorful and impressive life. She's also currently juggling a jewelry line for HSN, a wearable tech collection, a line of emojis and of course, the occasional starring role in a fashion campaign. Her advice for staying so active (and still wearing over-the-knee boots) at 95? "Stay interested, get up off your butt and do something!"

Apfel, an advocate for embracing your own personal style, has always been known for her signature look: oversized glasses, layers of statement-making jewelry and red lipstick. The icon has been encouraging women to embrace their individuality for years but when I asked her if there was such thing as a bad outfit, she paused, "I never thought about it but, why not? There are good things and bad things—there are good and bad in everything, why should an outfit be different?"

So what constitutes a bad outfit in the eyes of Apfel? "It depends on the person who's wearing it. Clothes are often good and bad in relation to the person who's wearing them. Some people can get away with things that would make somebody else look like a horse's ass."

After nine decades in the fashion industry, Apfel has certainly earned the right to tell it like it is and say what she wants. So what does she have to say to the next generation of style stars? "I'd tell them to know who they are—what they look like, what they're comfortable with. Individuality is so important, I think that's been lost.

Macy's INC Collection by Iris 2016 

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