Thursday, September 8, 2016

Feminine Differential - The Purse

Four Members of The Collection
I own bucket bags by many designers, sizes and styles.   Bucket bags are my favorite; OK obsession. However bucket bags aren’t the most practical of bags. They are bulky due to the wide base, the opening tends to gape if you tie or pull string is not shut properly, and it tends to be messy. A black hole once you put your things inside.

Bucket bags also have a more casual vibe to them, which makes them perfect for weekends or casual outings, but less so for a more formal environment. An environment where you have to look polished and in control, as opposed to rooting around inside a black hole of a bag, trying to find a pen. Oh yes, been there! LOL!

What do I carry in my bag:
Banana Republic 
  • Cell phone
  • Mini notepad
  • Pens and a highlighter pen
  • Small hand lotion (slight fragrance)
  • Business cards – work and play
  • Tissue paper
  • Key FOB - attache to something - No searching 
  • Makeup - blush, lipstick and compact in the same color as my foundation (repairs)
  • Compact camera - (Point-and-Shoot)
  • Sunglasses
  • Wallet with drivers license,  credit cards, and small amount of cash/coins
  • Discount coupons (a few) 

Essentially, all those little things that you carry will get lost in your bag especially when you need it most. Being organized is important.  So how to organize and switch? I use a "Purse to Go Organizer" from Purse Bling. This is wonderful product and is a necessity for switching.  Having more than one purse is such a Feminine Differential.  Enjoy!

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